Totally Dry Carpet Cleaning - Home - Charlotte, NC

Looking for an Environmentally Responsible Dry Carpet Cleaning Service? You've come to the right place! Our certifications are real, carpet specialist, professionally trained. Our process goes beyond green cleaning to achieve certifications that may go beyond credits for water, and waste-water conservation, and energy conservation. Our healthy cleaning process affords no skin, eye, or lung irritants. We clean well the first time, and there is no damage to fibers or colors even on wool carpeting. 

Our process is dully proud to be able to clean for individuals that have health problems and cannot use chemicals that will induce a reduction in immunity. As a company, we are locally owned, and responsible about our waste. We recycle our containers, and we are responsible with our efforts during the cleaning process of carpets in your home or small facility.
Recently, Charlotte Storm water sent out a notice asking Carpet Cleaners, Painters, Pool Care, and Pressure washers to use biodegradable soaps and water. People are asked to call 311 if you see a business engaging in illegal discharge to the sewers. We use NO water, and our product is 100% biodegradable. We are GREEN. We are proud to be cleaning Charlotte and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

When you walk into your house, do you see dingy dull, carpets making your decor look "dull"  because of them?  Do you have a get together planned tonight, and forgot that the carpets are filthy? There's an easy way to give your home a fresh makeover- Dry Clean the carpets and rugs! 

Consumer Magazine top rated Dry Carpet Cleaning eliminates tough stains, pet fur, dander, and odors harboring in the carpets.  Dry Cleaning also makes the indoor air in your home healthier by removing allergens and toxins. Carpets are the largest filter in your home. Many unhealthy contaminants and soils get trapped inside of the fibers.  With dry cleaning, those contaminants are encapsulated and removed, not washed down and spread out only to re-appear and possibly wick back later as wet carpet drys. This is common with most wet and semi wet processes. We are professionally trained and certified dry carpet cleaning specialists and have been cleaning since 1989 always using green products before they were realized as a proper way to clean and became a "buzz" word. You'll receive a deep down clean every time at substantially competitive prices, as there are no hidden charges!
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